Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Summer in Paris

The rain cannot last much longer, I hope! Last weekend, I was in Dublin for the First Communion of a grandnephew and we had a gloriously sunny day on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I got back to Paris and it has not stopped raining! It is very Irish to talk about the weather.

The past few weeks have been wonderful here in Paris. There were children making their First Communion and young people being confirmed at Pentecost. It is great to be part of these wonderful family and community moments. This Saturday, there will be First Communions for Marymount School Paris where I serve as chaplain. 

The night before the Communions, weather permitting, there will be an event called "Burning Faith" for young people who were confirmed this year and in recent years. It can happen that after Confirmation, there is not much on offer in the church community. A wonderful group of parents and young people have been meeting each month for the past few years and have created a great sense of their being a great road ahead for young people in following Jesus. I am in total admiration of them as I sometimes sit in at their sessions.
More to come now that I have started again.         A.T.

Still here!

A kind person mentioned that they had looked at my blog recently. To my shame, the last post there was in March. Later today, I will remedy that. A.T.