Monday, 24 August 2015

Funeral of Fr Brendan McDermott, C.P.

This Monday evening at 7 p.m., Fr. Brendan was brought back to Mount Argus Monastery from the hospital where he died last night. Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. he will be brought to Mount Argus Church where his coffin will rest before the altar overnight. His Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday morning in Mount at 11.30 a.m. followed by burial in the community cemetery. I regret that due to the funeral taking place so soon I will be unable to travel for it. May Brendan now rest in peace and may all who mourn his loss be comforted by the presence and prayers of those around us.  A.T.

Death of Fr Brendan McDermott, C.P., Mount Argus, Dublin

Father Brendan McDermott, Passionist priest, died at St James Hospital, Dublin on Sunday night. May he rest in peace. He was a member of the Passionist Community of Mount Argus, Dublin 6W, Ireland for many years. He was born in County Donegal on 11th June 1931 and professed religious vows on 15th September 1950. He was ordained on 21st December 1957. He ministered in Scotland as well as Ireland. He was a preacher of many missions and retreats. His funeral arrangements will be posted here when known. Please keep him, his family members and the community of Mount Argus in your prayers at this time of loss. R.I.P.                                  A.T.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

All Ireland

Hate to say "I told you so", but Kerry had the edge today at Croke Park. There will be a lot of post match comments - the weather, the referee, the......... - but the scoreboard at the final whistle tells the story. Next Sunday will belong to the Dubs! If anyone could come up with a ticket for me for the Final on 20 September at Croke Park, you would make one 'exile' (in Paris) so happy. It is a long shot - but who knows? A.T.

First Sunday back

It was good to meet many of the parishioners at Masses on my first Sunday back. Also, there were visitors who introduced themselves. After the sunshine of Ireland last week, torrential rain greeted Paris this morning. It is a good way to keep the dust at bay! The evening Mass still to go when there will be another big congregation of people.
This afternoon I hope to see some of Kerry vs Tyrone from Croke Park. With one priest here at St Joseph's from County Tyrone, I have to be kind in my remarks. But, if I was a gambling person I would put money on Kerry to come out on top. Allowing that Dublin come through next Sunday, what an All Ireland is in prospect for the third Sunday in September!
Schools getting ready to soon open again and I look forward to being back at Marymount School Paris where I serve as chaplain. This is a great community with a diversity of nationalities but a common purpose that 'all may have life and have it to the full.' (John 10.10°
Sad to see many refugees having to flee their own war-torn countries. Also, the foiled attack on the Amsterdam to Paris train last recently could have led to a huge loss of life. Prayer is needed and work for justice and peace.            A.T.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Weekend in Paris

  • Good to be back! Not that I did not enjoy my visit to Ireland and all the good times. Thanks to family and friends for such great kindness and caring. The 30° today is lovely even though I see that it is due to drop a few ° tomorrow. We Irish love talking about the weather. Coming back reminds me of how many people in this community who care for all that happens here. The stewardship group were in this morning after 11 a.m. Mass to clean and vacuum the Church. The weekly collections were counted and banked. These and so many other jobs are "owned" by parishioners who serve the community. The priests here work alongside the parishioners to offer a fitting place for the multitude of nationalities who find a home from home during their time in Paris. Tourists also find their way to us for Mass. Our next few weeks will be busy as we welcome back families returning for school opening. The baptisms for the first weekend of September will be a big number. This will be followed the next weekend by the beginning again of CCD in preparation for children and young people preparing for Holy Communion and Confirmation. In October there will be RCIA for adults entering the Church and also Marriage Preparation Course. It is a wonderful place to be and to see people who care so much.        A.T.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Return to Paris

On Thursday it will be off to Dublin Airport to return to Paris. It has been a great break over the past weeks here in Ireland. Last weekend I was visiting Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. It was lovely walking to the Giants Causeway along the headland (about 8Kms) and a further 2Kms to have a wonderful lunch. There was a 'French Connection' in that the weekend was spent with people I have met in Paris. The hospitality was A1 and to all concerned a huge 'thank you'. Before the weekend I played my annual game of golf at Carton Golf Courses. The Irish Rugby squad preparing for the World Cup at present in training camp at Carton. They did not join us for the golf which was good considering my rather low standard of play. Another great day was spent at Dublin Zoo along with my brother and niece who brought along her three children and her brother's three children. So, with six children all under 10 years of age we exlored the wonders of nature and the beauty of God's creatures. My sister took out a visitor's membership for me at her gym. Most mornings begin with a session in the gym, the swimming pool, the steam room and the sauna. Some of this good work is undone later in the day by meals and the occasional(?) pint of Guinness! Amid all the fun, I had a day of meetings at the Passionist Monastery in Dublin. The Provincial and his council (of which I am a member since 2012), met with those preparing the Passionist Provincial Chapter (held every four years). This meeting will be held in Ireland in June 2016. After that, appointments to the communities of St Patrick's Province (including St Joseph's, Paris) will be made - who knows what that will bring! Watch this space.......The website is carrying for the month of August some notices and a weekly reflection on the Readings at Mass. Sincere thanks to those who contact me - especially Sr HMcD - for her words of encouagement. The next printed bulletin will be on 30 August. Looking forward to meeting people at Mass this weekend and thanks to people and priests who do such a wonderful work of service. Enough for now from me and I'm off to read the newspaper on this warm sunny morning. A.T.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Holiday Weekend in Ireland

Dublin saw off Fermanagh in All Ireland 1/4 finals as did Kerry against Kildare. There were over 58,000 attendance at both games. It is a few years since I was in Croke Park - nice to be back. Visited friends after the games and had a most enjoyable evening.   A.T.