Wednesday, 28 June 2017

'End of Year'

Blog has been neglected - no excuses! These days have an 'end of year' feeling. The schools are closing for the summer break; First Communions and Confirmations have been celebrated; the Summer Fair at St Joseph's has passes; 'Irish in France' Ball went well; the 'Irish in France' Sports' Day is taking place on Saturday and people are moving around on holidays. I like this time of year.

Am not sure about deal done to keep Tories in government. My hope and prayer is that it does not have an adverse effect on peace in North. Brexit gets more and more problematic. French government seems to be settling in and getting on with the work. Pope Francis says, 'he is going nowhere'. I say, 'thanks be to God.' Irish Ambassador to France is leaving us soon to take up her new post at U.N. Best wishes to Geraldine and family.

Happy and restful summer!                                                                                          AT