Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Back Again

Ready to start Advent and another year of liturgy. A parish retreat this weekend will launch this season here at St Joseph's. I like the season of Advent and the joy of preparing for Christmas. On 10th December there will be a Carol Service at St Joseph's, part of which will be the Pageant with the children.

It is not as peaceful back home - the Irish Government missed having an election before Christmas. I'm surprised that the timing of a possible election - near to Christmas - was raised as such an issue. If justice is delayed, it is being denied. The Garda Sergent at the centre of this whole matter is surely entitled to being treated at least decently and justly, even if politicians have their own concerns. The lessons of the Catholic Church's past failures in being open and transparent on serious matters, does not seem to have been learnt by the State and its servants. 

'Brexit' will test Europe, Britain and most of all affect Ireland. I am alarmed at the prospect of the return of a 'stop/go' border. It was a 'miracle' to get the 'Good Friday Agreement' across the line. It could take very little to turn the clock back to days that nobody would want again. Of course, I am living a distance away but I have wonderful memories of years spent in Crossgar, Co. Down and Holy Cross, Belfast. I lived in Crossgar from 1971 - 1974. Those were dark years of violence and it is so great to leave them behind. I lived in Belfast from 2001-2008. These were years when all was not great, but also of great joy and happiness. It is always great to go back there and simply walk the streets and see how changed the city now is, bustling with life and laughter. AT