Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Worrying Time

As court cases relating to last year's rioting in Ardoyne are in the news yesterday and today, another marching season is reaching its high point. My hope and prayer is that people can find a way to meet on the level of humanity and find a way to dispel hatred, avoid harm and hurt. I am not so certain that this will happen, but it has to be the hope for all and an urgent work that remains to be done. When I sought to find a middle ground in a Family Centre that was nearing the final planning stage to be shared across the historical divide, people in various parts of the world contacted me to say it was a worthy project. My transfer out of Belfast put pay to that. I am still convinced that peace in the Summer will not be achieved until normal living for all happens in the Autumn, the Winter and the Spring as well. How I would love to be still able to offer light and hope to good people on each side of a hurting but great community quite capable of being torn apart again this year. Please God the peace may yet be won for all. A.T.

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