Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer in Paris 2012

Long silence on this blog - back writing after a hectic month of May. Loved the time I spent at the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. Got elected as Vice-Provincial of the Passionists at the Chapter in May held in Larne - a bit of a surprise to me and perhaps to some others. Of the five in the Provincial Curia, four were re-elected after serving four years and 'moi' was added as 'new boy on the block'. Apppointments to the various houses will be made by the beginning of September at the latest ~~ I would have liked this completed sooner but I have to be patient! Poor Euro 2012 for RoI and not much better in the Rugby in NZ. St Joseph's Church is in a lower gear now that the summer is here. There are plans already on the parish website for return to full speed in September. These weeks are a chance to 'catch up' and get work done on the building and facilities. Will be here for month of July and take a few weeks in Ireland during August.                    AT 

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