Monday, 28 July 2014

Middle East Killings

My personal blog about Gaza had a far greater response than I expected. I appreciate the many positive and supportive reactions. Others were upset by the question I raised about a possible response in North Belfast. Remarks directed at me personally could make the messenger rather than the children of Gaza the central point. I am freely editing out the question on a possible response in North Belfast lest what I raised could distract from sincere efforts being made by people in the area. The present 72 hour ceasefire will give some relief . My prayer is that this will extend into a long-term peace. Thanks to all who responded to my personal comments. Aidan Troy

At this time, I offer prayer that the killing in Gaza and Israel stop now. Every killing of a human being is a crime and challenges us all in declaring our refusal to accept the daily slaughter of children.  This is slaughter of innocents. Prayer needs the 'legs' of reflection and the witness to our own commitment to reconciliation where we refuse to accept division and separation as permanent. In trying to achieve reconciliation great patience and couage is needed. With a Christian Minister of another Church I recall during my time in North Belfast meeting with an Israeli and Palestinian delegation who came to look at our peace process. Can help continue to be given?

Offering moral and material support is important. Gestures can be significant in calling people to the ways of peace. Would Woodvale/Ardoyne people of goodwill consider offering a powerful witness to our world at a time when in the Middle East children, women and men are being slaughtered daily?Supposing an agreement could reached to withdraw the objections to the return parade of July 2013 and intensify efforts being made for parading  in 2015? This would speak a message that shows that longstanding divisions of neighbours are capable of improvement when people of goodwill take a risk for peace. It would also show deep care for others who are suffering and dying even as we talk and consider what to do.             A. T.

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  1. GARC need to be taken out of the equation. They are bigots who want to get one oven the Orange Order and don't want what is best for Ardoyne. I was recently threatened by a member of GARC, he said I would be burnt out and threw a brick at my car all because he saw me talking to a policeman. He even went as far to start shouting all over the street that I was a peadofile. GARC are not interested in a solution.