Friday, 28 November 2014


Celebrated Thanksgiving Day with two American colleagues.

On Wednesday evening I was on the panel for 'The Debate' on France 24 TV. The debate centred on the addresses of Pope Francis to the European Parliament and Council of Europe during his visit to Strassburg. A wide range of topics came up for discussion. The panel was asked to give opinions - which I did. One email to me after the programme attached a photo from the TV broadcast. Another email took me to task on a number of comments that I made. It is great when people want to continue the discussion long after the TV programme has ended. I like that.

Advent begins tomorrow - less than four weeks to Christmas. Busy few weeks ahead here at St Joseph's Church, Paris. On 26 December I hope to travel to Bray and spend a few days before being back in Paris for New Year.

Have a good Advent!              A. T.

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