Friday, 4 September 2015

September Arrives

So Mayo and Dublin must do it all over again tomorrow - this is GAA football in Ireland.

Prayers and efforts are needed for the political situation in North (Ireland) where present issues put progress in peace-buiding in danger. It will take courage and generosity on the part of many to avert a deterioration in the situation. Even though seven years away from Holy Cross, my thoughts and prayers are daily with people of differing politicial oulooks and religions - and none - who don't want a return to the violence of the past. The time I spent in Belfast and also in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, last month brought home to me what wonderful place it is with great people.

Heartbreaking to see  the many deaths of refugees and the desperate plight of people fleeing war in Syria and destruction. Football pales into insignificance when the tragedies of these people are happening. This weekend at the five Masses in St Joseph's Church, Paris, a collection will be taken to offer even a little help and support for the refugees who can't go back home and are struggling to find a safe haven. Everything collected will go directly and immediately to 'Secours Catholique Paris' that has channels to get help to these sisters and brothers who are part of an 'Exodus' of biblical proportions. It is frightening to know that 8 children are killed every day in Syria as a result of the conflict raging there. A concerned parishioner has prepared a poster for display at St Joseph's Church giving links to NGO organisations who are clothing, feeding and caring medically for people who never thought they would be trapped in this awful situation. The generosity of people, helping organisations and some European Governments show that the evil of those exploiting and terrifying these people will not have the final say. May God give good the victory over evil.       A.T.

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