Friday, 4 May 2018

May in France

The month of May is interesting in France. It has a series of holidays and feasts. 1st May, earlier this week, is Labour Day. 8th May is Victory Day in Europe. Thursday, 10th May, is Ascension Thursday. This is a public holiday in France as well as being a Church holyday. Then, Monday, 21st May, is Pentecost Monday and is also a public holiday in France. It is a bit more complicated if you add in the 'pont' dealing with a day before or after a public holiday. I'll spare you that!

A visit to a High School to discuss the film "In the Name of the Father" was fascinating. The class had watched this some weeks ago. Their teacher was keen to give the students some background to the conflict in Ireland over the years. The students were great and eventually we got onto 'Brexit'. During this 55 minute session, my mind went back to the many school retreats that I have been privileged to engage in over many years. This School is part of the Ursuline Sisters network and is a great example of Catholic Education at its best. My thanks to the teacher and the students for the warmth of their welcome. I was presented with a school mug at the end of the class and I will treasure this in the time ahead. Now into a busy weekend! But, it will be helped by the beautiful weather that is now with us.                                  AT

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