Saturday, 28 November 2015

COP21 at Le Bourget

The world conference on Climate opens this weekend in Paris. The local papers are alerting all to the disruption of traffic around the city. In the wake of 13th November attacks there is great concern to ensure that all will go without incident. Please God that will be the case. 

Yesterday evening I did a piece on France 24 for their 6 p.m. News about Pope Francis' visit to Africa. WIth only a few hours notice, I really enjoyed reading the addresses the Pope gave in Kenya and on arrival in Uganda. He has a great way of saying very important things in a very simple but graphic way. One example - when visiting a very poor district on outskirts of Nairobi, he reflected on what the people lacked by way of clean water, sanitation and other basics that I take for granted. Then he spoke to the people of their richness in love and care for their families and their community. He said that these were valuable but would never be quoted on the Stock Exchange. They are priceless! Sunday he goes to Central African Republic where there has been serious unrest for some time. When asked on the flight from Rome to Nairobi if he was afraid for his safety, he replied that he was not but that he was afraid of the mosquitoes!

Last Thursday was American Thanksgiving and I was delighted to go to Marymount School Paris for a lovely meal that evening. I am so fortunate.

Advent begins this weekend - Christmas must be just around the corner.  A.T.     

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