Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris this weekend

It is still hard to comprehend the enormity of the events of Friday night in Paris. May those who died rest in peace. There are many still in hospital and suffering. May they soon find the way to recovery. The psychological scars will take longer to heal. At this church of St Joseph beside the Arc de Triomphe, people have come out in big numbers to Masses this weekend to be together and to pray. Parents with children who will soon make their First Communion came along to make a retreat even in the midst of such an appalling tragedy. There is one more Mass this Sunday evening at St Joseph's Church. Because of this I cannot take part in the Mass at the same time in Notre Dame as part of the days of national mourning in France. May we all be true workers for peace based on justice. Messages of concern and support have come to St Joseph's from all parts of the world. The Superior General of the Passionist and our Provincials have been in contact. Various media outlets have been keen to know of the situation on the ground here with over forty nationalities in our congregation. The concern of family and friends for peoples' safety shows caring and love.                         A.T.

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  1. Fr aidan. Delighted to see you on news channels safe and reassuring the communities that this recent atrocity will not prevent good people living and enjoying life daily in the future, God bless you, keep safe