Sunday, 23 August 2015

First Sunday back

It was good to meet many of the parishioners at Masses on my first Sunday back. Also, there were visitors who introduced themselves. After the sunshine of Ireland last week, torrential rain greeted Paris this morning. It is a good way to keep the dust at bay! The evening Mass still to go when there will be another big congregation of people.
This afternoon I hope to see some of Kerry vs Tyrone from Croke Park. With one priest here at St Joseph's from County Tyrone, I have to be kind in my remarks. But, if I was a gambling person I would put money on Kerry to come out on top. Allowing that Dublin come through next Sunday, what an All Ireland is in prospect for the third Sunday in September!
Schools getting ready to soon open again and I look forward to being back at Marymount School Paris where I serve as chaplain. This is a great community with a diversity of nationalities but a common purpose that 'all may have life and have it to the full.' (John 10.10°
Sad to see many refugees having to flee their own war-torn countries. Also, the foiled attack on the Amsterdam to Paris train last recently could have led to a huge loss of life. Prayer is needed and work for justice and peace.            A.T.

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