Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Return to Paris

On Thursday it will be off to Dublin Airport to return to Paris. It has been a great break over the past weeks here in Ireland. Last weekend I was visiting Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. It was lovely walking to the Giants Causeway along the headland (about 8Kms) and a further 2Kms to have a wonderful lunch. There was a 'French Connection' in that the weekend was spent with people I have met in Paris. The hospitality was A1 and to all concerned a huge 'thank you'. Before the weekend I played my annual game of golf at Carton Golf Courses. The Irish Rugby squad preparing for the World Cup at present in training camp at Carton. They did not join us for the golf which was good considering my rather low standard of play. Another great day was spent at Dublin Zoo along with my brother and niece who brought along her three children and her brother's three children. So, with six children all under 10 years of age we exlored the wonders of nature and the beauty of God's creatures. My sister took out a visitor's membership for me at her gym. Most mornings begin with a session in the gym, the swimming pool, the steam room and the sauna. Some of this good work is undone later in the day by meals and the occasional(?) pint of Guinness! Amid all the fun, I had a day of meetings at the Passionist Monastery in Dublin. The Provincial and his council (of which I am a member since 2012), met with those preparing the Passionist Provincial Chapter (held every four years). This meeting will be held in Ireland in June 2016. After that, appointments to the communities of St Patrick's Province (including St Joseph's, Paris) will be made - who knows what that will bring! Watch this space.......The website www.stjoeparis.org is carrying for the month of August some notices and a weekly reflection on the Readings at Mass. Sincere thanks to those who contact me - especially Sr HMcD - for her words of encouagement. The next printed bulletin will be on 30 August. Looking forward to meeting people at Mass this weekend and thanks to people and priests who do such a wonderful work of service. Enough for now from me and I'm off to read the newspaper on this warm sunny morning. A.T.

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