Saturday, 22 August 2015

Weekend in Paris

  • Good to be back! Not that I did not enjoy my visit to Ireland and all the good times. Thanks to family and friends for such great kindness and caring. The 30° today is lovely even though I see that it is due to drop a few ° tomorrow. We Irish love talking about the weather. Coming back reminds me of how many people in this community who care for all that happens here. The stewardship group were in this morning after 11 a.m. Mass to clean and vacuum the Church. The weekly collections were counted and banked. These and so many other jobs are "owned" by parishioners who serve the community. The priests here work alongside the parishioners to offer a fitting place for the multitude of nationalities who find a home from home during their time in Paris. Tourists also find their way to us for Mass. Our next few weeks will be busy as we welcome back families returning for school opening. The baptisms for the first weekend of September will be a big number. This will be followed the next weekend by the beginning again of CCD in preparation for children and young people preparing for Holy Communion and Confirmation. In October there will be RCIA for adults entering the Church and also Marriage Preparation Course. It is a wonderful place to be and to see people who care so much.        A.T.

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