Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mr Samuel Maguire (a.k.a. Sam Maguire Cup)

Now I know that I will not be in Croke Park tomorrow for Mayo and Dublin to play it out for Sam.
Also, I hope there will be no more of the 'folksy religion' to come by which the Archbishop of a major Western Diocese (begins with T)  gives his episcopal blessing and a priest somewhere else is working to lift the 'curse of Mayo' that has stopped them lifting Sam for decades. Somehow, I suspect that + Diarmuid Martin of Dublin will not go down that road! Unless there is an emergency here in Paris, I am so looking forward to tomorrow afternoon at 4.30 p.m. (3.30 p.m. Croke Park time) and hope to see a great game. Not being into the 'folksy religion' I won't be praying or blessing either team but simply saying may all have a safe journey there and back and may the best team win!    AT

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