Thursday, 12 September 2013

Third day in succession of posts!

Grey and cool this Thursday morning in Paris. Hope it is not Winter setting in - if it is, it will be a long Winter. Maybe it will get better before September is out. It is very Irish to start with the weather! Maybe on radio and T.V. news bulletins should start rather than end with the weather forecast. Today I look forward to meeting people from Graigcullen, Co Carlow, who are visiting Paris. Back on 22nd April I was delighted to preach one night of the Parish Novena there. The warmth of the welcome and the enthusiasm of all I met did me a power of good. The Poor Clare Monastery in the church grounds is a great witness to prayer. Better go now or I'll miss meeting the visitors.   AT

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  1. Poor Clares is an exceptional vocation a friends aunt is in St Damians! Fierce weather here too....rain rain go to Spain :) Love Jx