Friday, 20 September 2013

What a difference an Interview makes!

Yes, that interview by Pope Francis to Jesuit magazines. He gave it on 19th August in Italian and five International Translators have put it into English. I'm wading through the Italian original version and it gets better and better. Of course, the Pope has not changed any doctrine and God is still in charge. But he has given hope and dispelled a lot of fear and alienation. God knows we need these after the awful history of lack of church leadership amid horrific clerical sexual abuse in recent years. There are some people I have spoken to today who are upset by the Pope's remarks. That is their right and nobody should silence these voices. It is not my own view. Today I am beginning to believe again that it is possible to see a time coming when the dark cloud of sin and shame may begin to lift. Damage done can never be undone. But, there are so many good people who still want their church to be a sign of the Kingdom of God that they deserve the type of leadership Pope Francis is giving and which in turn will inspire the rest of us. Today just outside Paris I was in a school where I am chaplain. At a time of prayer with some teachers it was wonderful to hear people pray for the Bishop of Rome. Sleep well - I know I will rest a little easier because of that Interview!             AT

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