Wednesday, 1 October 2014

28th September 2014

Last Sunday was special to me on a personal as well as a parish level. On 28th September 2008 (6 years ago), at 4 p.m. I arrived through the front door of St Joseph's Church to begin a journey with no idea whatsoever as to where it would lead. People of all races and languages over the past six years have shown me the way forward and have cared for me. Thanks to all who have walked me over the past six years and to those still on the journey. Without these people, what happened for good would simply not have happened as it did. If any of these read this post - don't lose heart! There is only about 20 months to go before the next change for me will come from Passionist H/Q in Ireland. People who know this ask where is next for me to go - only God knows! After 50 years of Passionist Profession (27 Sept. 1964), every day is a gift to be treasured!                                                             

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