Friday, 17 October 2014

Ordination in Wales

Tomorrow, Gareth Thomas will be ordained a priest in his native Wales. I hope and pray that all will go well. This is the first time a Passionist student from Ireland/Scotland has been ordained in over 20 years. Blessing though the ordination tomorrow certainly is, the deaths and departures of priests during those years leaves gaps that will not be filled. My hope and prayer is that a thorough review and renewal of priesthood will be undertaken. The Synod on the Family ending in Rome this weekend may help the Church to begin asking about the critical situation regarding the priesthood especially in those countries that until recent years were sending missionaries to other local churches needing priests. A few weeks ago I passed the 50 year mark since taking vows as a Passionist. Maybe it wouldn't help to consult priests still engaged in ministry, but I find it a bit strange that nobody at 'official' church level has asked me, and I'm sure the vast majority of priests, for an opinion regarding the future of priesthood. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised after all these years. Pray for those good and honest priests trying to continue building the Kingdom among and with God's People.  A.T.

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