Wednesday, 1 October 2014

St Joseph's Information Day and Food Fest on 28 September 2014

Last Sunday was special. It was a brilliant sunny day and the people of St Joseph's gave us a day to remember. All the planning, all the work, all the preparations were worth it. The Parish Pastoral Council gave a lead and individuals, families and leaders of ministries at St Joseph's walked to the same drum beat. What the Body of Christ can be was seen by our own eyes as we had our usual 5 Masses and a call to mission went out to appoximately 1,500 people at those Masses.
Like the Gospel when Jesus got people together, He instructed his followers not to send them away but, "you feed them". And all were fed. Without counting the cost, people brought food, cooked it and served it with graciousness worthy of a Christian community. People ate foods of many nations and cultures and we rejoiced in our diversity.
At the same time over 200 children and young people were applying themselves to CCD (religious formation and instruction) under the guidance of volunteer teachers and supportive families. We were glad to welcome ACWO (American Catholic Women's Organisation) and Marymount International School Paris, as friends and fellow travellers along the way in building the Kingdom of God.
At St Joseph's we are a truly international community at peace at a time when many nations and groups are at war. May we continue to witness to peace and justice and all that makes this world truly reflect the beauty and goodness intended by God at the dawn of creation.
This day will remain with me for a long time to come - I saw the Body of Christ at its best. It made a welcome change from that same Body being debased by crime and sin against the most vulnerable. My sincere thanks to the huge number of people who last Sunday gave my faith and trust a huge boost. You are witnesses to Chist in all that is best among human beings.
On 24th November 2013, Pope Francis signed off on "Evangelii Gaudium" in Rome.
On 28th September 2014, we experienced "The Joy of the Gospel" in Paris.                   A.T.

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