Monday, 27 October 2014

Clock changes

The dark days of Winter are not far away. Today in Paris it is a sunny almost summer's day! Long may it last like this. My own unscientific view is that the time should be left alone all year round. A few tourists were a little annoyed with me yesterday that the times of Masses at St Joseph's Church, Paris had not been changed by one hour to match the change of the clocks at the weekend. You don't follow that? Neither did I when it was first said nor have I gained any insight since! But, as we all know - the customer is always right! No travel this week. Last weekend I was at an Ordination of a Passionist student in Wales. During the week I attended meetings during visits to St Mungo's, Glasgow and Holy Cross, Belfast. Getting ready now for Feast of All Saints on Saturday and All Souls on Sunday. The year is slipping past. When shopping recently Chritmas fare was in evidence. A.T.

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