Thursday, 9 October 2014

RCIA 2014 - 2015

Today, 9th October 2014, the first session of a new course of Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults begins at St Joseph's Church, Paris. A good number of people have enrolled. But, it is only when the day arrives that it will be known who is joining our group. What I find great is that since I got involved in 2008 at St Joseph's, not only have I had the privilege of celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation with Adults, but some have brought along a baby of theirs to have baptism. Two 'graduates' of RCIA over the years have married at St Joseph's and invited me to be present at the Sacrament of Marriage. Of course, some have moved on - approximately 33% of our parish move each summer. Among those who remain, I am privileged to have made some good friends. The most difficult part of RCIA is getting the administrative dossier of each candidate ready for the Archdiocese of Paris. No shortcuts are accepted! When I arrived here in 2008, the RCIA team was Siona and Gabriel and Joe. The present RCIA team still has Joe and in recent years, Joan and Arthur. We are blessed in having these parishioners to witness so strongly to their faith and to set out the teaching of Christ and the Church. Long may this continue to be a part of the life of the Mission Anglophone Paris!       A.T.

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